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Welcome to ancient Perisa!

Iran Tour Plan


This tour managed by Sabz Pooshan Safar Travel Agency aims to help tourists appreciate the art, literature, lifestyle, culture, history, civilization, and socialization of Iran and Iranians.

  • Day 1: Airport Transfer + Tehran Tour
  • Day 2: Kashan Tour
  • Day 3: Desert Tour + Abyaneh Village + Natanz City
  • Day 4: Isfahan
  • Day 5: Isfahan
  • Day 6: Shiraz
  • Day 7: Shiraz Tour + Flight to Tehran + Airport Transfer

Tour Features

  • Date of Arrival: October 2018
  • Date of Departure: October 2018
  • Duration: 1 week (7 N)
  • Visa: No
  • Registered Tour Guide: Yes
  • Vehicle: VIP Bus
  • Accommodation + breakfast: 3-star hotels
  • Flight Ticket: ShirazĂ Tehran
  • Admission to Historical Sites: No
  • Airport Transfer: Yes
  • Insurance: Yes
  • Price (per/person): 490 €


Day 1: IKA Transfer + Tehran Tour

The tourists will be transferred to a hotel in Tehran by a VIP bus. If the flight is in the morning, they will have time to take a Tehran tour. It includes old palaces, museums, Milad Tower, Azadi Tower, and Tajrish Bazaar. Optional services include mountain parks, and dolphinarium at Milad Tower.


Day 2 & 3 : Kashan Tour

Kashan is the oldest city in the world with 8000 years of civilization. It is a popular touristic destination in central Iran and tourists usually stop in Kashan for at least one day. It is exceptionally located between the Central Desert and Karkas Mountains so many ecotours can be run daily. It displays many historical and natural attractions so tourists can get a good feeling of ancient Persia. The tour will also goes to the beautiful desert near Kashan. Optional services include camel-back riding, motorcycles and off-road safari.

Day 4 & 5 : Isfahan Tour

Isfahan has been the capital of Persia for many centuries therefore it holds many exotic historical attractions such as old bridges across Zayand River, Naqsh Jahan Sq, and beautiful mosques. Optional services include nomad tribes tour and white-water rafting tours.


Day 6 & 7 : Shiraz Tour

Shiraz, city of nightingale and flower, is the cradle of literature and art in Persia for many centuries. It is famous in Iran as having the most friendly and hospitable people. Shirazis welcome all tourists with their warm smiles and try to help them have a great time. Tourists appreciate the Persian literature by visiting Poets tombs, Eram Flowers and Trees Garden, beautiful mosques, etc. Optional services include nomad tribes tour and Bakhtegan Lake.